Western Media Manipulation over Libyan Situation Denounced

Kigali, Aug 24 (Prensa Latina)


A Rwandan sociologist denounced on Wednesday that the Western media has manipulated the Libyan crisis as part of a psychological warfare to weaken the troops supporting leader Muammar Gaddafi to ultimately make the leader to surrender.

A professor of the National University of Rwanda, who wishes to remain anonymous, noted that the distortion of facts on the Libyan issue proves that “the Western media is manipulated by politicians linked to the Libyan conflict”.

As an example of that distorted reality the professor underlined that the rebels announced the capture of Gaddafiâ�Ös son, Saif Al Islam, with a great fanfare, a fact then confirmed by NATO, the African news agency Panapress reported.

However, the information proved to be false as Al Islam himself denied it hours later in a TV appearance walking down the streets of Tripoli, accompanied by some journalists.

Amid a persistent confusion and sackings in Tripoli, opponents to the government carry out constant artillery attacks in a bid to control the city.

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